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Get Proper Compensation After An Injury On The Job

Did you suffer a fall, burn injury or back injury at work? Have you developed a repetitive stress injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome? You should notify your employer right away, get a medical evaluation and learn everything you need to know about your right to compensation. Workers’ compensation (workers’ comp) benefits help many injured workers get medical treatments started promptly.

Although workers’ compensation is intended to function smoothly, many injured employees encounter difficulties and need legal guidance. I am Megan E. Burke, a tenacious, experienced lawyer. I am available through my practice, the Law Office of Megan E. Burke, LLC, to advise you after a workplace injury. I will keep you informed and help you overcome obstacles.

I Am A Trusted Attorney Providing Comprehensive Legal Support

When you work with me, you have my reassurance that your claim will be handled by an attorney – not passed around to paralegals or office staff workers. I will be at my client’s side every step of the way, including through the appeals process if necessary. I will also evaluate your case for a potential third-party liability claim or lawsuit against any liable third party, such as a delivery driver, inspector, repair or installation company, or equipment manufacturer.

With more than 20 years of experience, I will help you pursue all resources that are available to you – including Social Security Disability benefits if your injury has left you unable to work for a year or longer. If you are a surviving close family member, I will advise you on how to pursue death benefits and, if appropriate, a wrongful death claim against a third party after a fatal workplace accident.

Call me for honest information. We do receive a fee unless we are able to recover benefits for you.

Background Information About Workers’ Comp

Ohio’s employers are required to pay into the state’s workers’ compensation fund for their employees’ protection. When employees need to take extended time off work, workers’ compensation may also replace some wages and provide vocational retraining as needed.

Workers’ compensation is designed to prevent lawsuits between workers and their employers – and to make prompt medical care available to all injured workers, regardless of their incomes. A workers’ compensation claim is not a lawsuit. However, when claims are denied, courts may hear appeals. Ohio’s administrator of workers’ compensation oversees the legal requirements and employers in their handling of legitimate claims.

Get The Legal Support You Need

I am an aggressive, experienced workers’ compensation attorney, ready to answer your questions and guide you. I will handle the details and advocate for you through all necessary steps toward the goal of recovering all that should be coming to you after a workplace accident or the onset of an occupational disease.

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